Purpose Mountain


Remembering Ourselves As Earth

Nature based pathways to connect with Soul, Purpose & Vision

with Tim Corcoran and Mark Tollefson

Thursday February 16, 2023
10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern

Human Nature Oneness

Our Invitation

Join us for this free live teaching where we’ll explore the beauty of Remembering Ourselves As Earth, an exploration of nature-based pathways to connect with soul, purpose and vision.

During this 90 minute live video conference, you’ll learn:

  • How Remembering Ourselves As Earth is the antidote to the illness of our times – Disconnection – that is tearing apart our Earth, communities, families, psyches and hearts.
  • What prevents us from Remembering Ourselves As Earth, on both the inner landscape of defenses and beliefs as well as the outer landscape of modernity and cultural conditioning.
  • Why the Earth needs us to remember our place in the great web of life at this critical time we find ourselves in.
  • How true belonging is the antidote to desire & greed, and why you can never get enough of what you really don’t need.
  • How connecting with our inherent vulnerability and grieving the current destruction of the Earth opens a pathway to connect with Soul, Purpose and Vision.
  • How Rites of Initiation allowed our earth based ancestors to remember themselves as Earth.
  • Three things you can do today to remember yourself as Earth and reconnect with Soul.
  • An invitation for those who are called to join us for our live in-person Vision Quest happening April 7 – 16, 2023 in southern California, including a special discount​.

About the Presenters

Tim Corcoran

Tim is the founder of Purpose Mountain and Twin Eagles Wilderness School, both nature-based visionary organizations dedicated to the transformational journey of connection to wild nature and wild soul. A leader of vision quests, holistic rites of passage and men’s groups, Tim has been facilitating spiritual initiations in the wilderness for over 20 years. Tim is a heart centered father of two brilliant sons and husband to a magnificent wife, and lives in pristine Sandpoint, Idaho.

Mark Tollefson

Mark Tollefson

Mark has been teaching nature based connection and facilitating the transformational journey for 30 years. Born in the wilds of northern Canada and mentored from a young age by people intimately connected to their lineage and nature based roots, he brings rich life experience and wisdom to his work. He has guided hundreds of people through rites of passage and has run multiple organizations dedicated to connecting people to our roots of sustainability and purpose. He has taught around the world and is dedicated to helping birth a new paradigm that is based on thriving life, connected to our true purpose for being alive at this time.