This past year has been a HUGE one for me, as living a life of purpose has been my number one priority. I’ve gone through big changes internally.  Externally those changes have manifested in a number of ways including starting this new business, Purpose Mountain.

Living a life of purpose through the role of being a Purpose Guide brings me an incredibly deep level of fulfillment and meaning. However none of this would be possible were it not for two very specific elements that I’ve had to master along the way.  The two essential elements to living a life of purpose are accountability and working with resistance.


When I first went to start the business, I knew that it would be a significant endeavor.  I knew that I would need ongoing support. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way.  I’ve felt the incredible pain of NOT seeing my dreams come true due to trying to “lone wolf” it.

So I reached out to my local men’s group that I’ve been a part of for eight years and asked for an accountability partner. Someone with whom I could share my big picture goals and all the accompanying specific tasks. Someone who would be there for me.  Some who would hold me accountable to do what I said I was going to do.

I found a great accountability partner and we made it through the first couple months quite smoothly. However, when it came time to actively reach out for my first few clients, I came face to face with my greatest challenge yet.

What will people think? What if they don’t like what I’m offering? Will they think I’m a fraud? What if no one responds?

The self-doubt grew and grew, and I found myself avoiding the actual work through procrastination and perfectionism. Left to my own devices, I would have avoided reaching out for those first clients for a LONG time.

Thanks, however, to my commitment to accountability, my accountability partner held me true to my word.  Now I had the opportunity to face my self-doubt head on.

Working With Resistance

I could have tried to just “push through”, but I knew better. I knew I had to address what was coming up. Our level of resistance tends to match our level of purpose expression, and I was expressing my purpose on a level I had never done before. This meant that my resistance was higher than ever before, and so was my opportunity for healing.

I went to the people I depend on when I have issues to work through, my own mentors, elders, and guides. It took some time, but with their support I was able to get to the root of my self-doubt. In a safe space, I was able to give voice to this part of me that feels the doubt. Without being made wrong, this part was able to express how it was just trying to protect me by keeping me small. After all, there were times in my childhood where I put myself out there and got hurt.

This process took some time, but I was eventually able to really separate from this part. The part was able to express its concerns. I was able to offer that part of me appreciation and love. That part was honored for keeping me safe when I was a child. As that voice of doubt was fully met and acknowledged, it released its grip on me.  At last I was able to move forward, at peace with myself. I put my call out for my first clients and got an overwhelming amount of interest, three times more than what I needed!

Bringing it All Together – Living a Life of Purpose

Expressing our soul in the world and living a life of purpose brings forth internal resistance and fear. It’s as natural as the sun setting every day. The first key to dealing with that resistance and fear is having people in our life who will hold us accountable.  The second is having people in our lives who will help us come to peace with the parts of our self that hold the resistance and fear.

Who do you have in your life to hold you accountable? Who is there for you when you need support with your resistance and fear? When you establish these relationships in your life, your purpose will blossom like a field of spring wildflowers.