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Nature Based Purpose Guidance

Can you remember back to being a kid, running wild and free through nature, and that feeling that anything was possible for your life? You knew what you wanted to be when you grew up, and life was an adventure. Way back when, believing in dreams and living on purpose was a way of being.

Then you "grew up" and somehow, somewhere, those dreams fell to the wayside. You focused on what was safe and realistic, and did the best you could. But now your soul just isn’t fulfilled, and you’re yearning to discover your purpose, where your deepest passion meets the world’s hunger. That’s why I’m here.

I’m Tim Corcoran. I have a passion for offering Nature Based Purpose Guidance and Healing Facilitation to help people like you who have a love for nature discover their authentic purpose in this life, including deep spiritual fulfillment and a financially rewarding career. I’ve been working with the wisdom of nature to guide people on spiritual journeys for nearly 20 years. My approach weaves together the best of traditional earth based wisdom with a modern understanding of the human psyche to help you move past resistance, blocks, and fear to find and live your soul’s purpose (and I've gone through this journey myself).

Purpose is the key to a life and career you love!

Living with purpose has been scientifically confirmed as a best practice for achieving true success and well-being:


Increase in Income, Wealth, and Leadership Effectiveness


Increase in Fulfilment


Increase in Learning


Increase in Engagement


Increase in Productivity


Greater Levels of Attraction and Love

Longer Lives and Healthier Bodies

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Purpose Mountain David Barth

“Tim has inspired me to grow my own learning edge by finding my own vision for myself and going for it, even when I don’t know how to. If you are interested in exploring your greater purpose in your life, Tim is your guy. His enthusiasm for life is infectious and anyone who chooses to work with Tim will feel their own enthusiasm for what they are after start to grow. If you find yourself stumbling on the same emotional blocks that keep you from moving forward in your life, Tim’s skill and breadth of experience can assist you work through those challenges to reach a new level of purpose, passion, or focus. Tim is warm, funny, highly accountable, and passionate. I recommend him highly to anyone who wants to get somewhere new in their life.”

David Barth, Professional Counselor

Purpose Mountain Heather Ross

As a result of Tim’s mentoring and healing work with me, I have deepened my healing journey and I have strengthened my confidence in my own self-worth and inner knowing of purpose. I also have a more conscious relationship with the living earth, as well as a desire to be outside more and to listen to the natural world within me and around me. If you want to be in your physical body, in your true self, authentic personality, and in full responsibility of your own life, I would strongly recommend working with Tim. His guidance is sacred, safe, heart centered and balanced with integrity.”

Heather Ross, Health Foods Associate

“Tim’s style of mentoring awakened my awareness. His passion and depth of knowledge presented a new path. Identifying my purpose has helped me to act with gratitude and take more consideration with my relations. Most importantly I am more connected to myself and my family. One thing I liked was Tim’s ability to use nature as the ultimate teacher. I found the experience to be deeply rewarding. The lessons I learned continue to present themselves. I would recommend Tim’s services to people who love our natural world and wish for clarity and intention while maneuvering through these challenging times.”

Bryan Lorentzen, Construction Business Owner

Purpose Mountain Ruth Toledo Altshuler

“I have started working with Tim at a very difficult juncture in my life. With Tim’s support, I received quality help that I very much needed. His presence has been attentive, firm and compassionate, holding an exceptionally safe space for me to bring out whatever needed to be worked through. His listening is extremely fine-tuned, and his questions precise. In this place of full trust, I was able to bring forth very vulnerable parts of my psyche to be worked on, as well as my most potent and creative parts that showed up enlivened. I am very grateful for each session we have, and I highly recommend his services and offerings.”

Ruth Toledo Altshuler, Founder, Essence Mentoring & Flower Essence Practitioner

Purpose Mountain Michael Welp

“I feel called to be at my best because of Tim. He lives what he teaches and leans into the journey no matter how difficult or emotional. Tim has inspired me to lose 20 pounds and commit to 15 more. I am doing deep work to de-trigger myself from patterns of feeling judged by my significant other, inspired by Tim. He supports me to face my anger and hurt and transform it in my life. I am blessed to have Tim in my life and recommend him as a purpose and healing guide for anyone who is seeking to live their deepest calling, remove barriers, and make a profound difference in their world.

Michael Welp, Founder, White Men As Full Diversity Partners

Purpose Mountain Tucker Sweeney

“Tim’s unique ability to challenge and care for me throughout my process of personal growth was outstanding. He has a true gift of inviting people to dig deeper within themselves to find their true calling while at the same time healing the past. Tim is calm, collected, firm and kind. All qualities that assist us in journeying beyond our comfort zones and into a better life. Tim, thank you for being part of my life experience.”

Tucker Sweeney, Professional Counselor

Purpose Mountain Sabrina

“I was stuck in a dilemma when I had the privilege of being helped by Tim. By asking deepening questions and listening without judgment, Tim showed me how to add a spiritual dimension so that I could see the situation as a whole and not as an inner conflict anymore. All the time, I could sense his empathy and integrity and in the end, I felt lighter and at peace. If you have questions or doubts about who you are or what you should do, Tim has the tools to get you to find your own answers. He can help you access the wisdom already there deep inside yourself.”

Sabrina, Professional Life Coach

Purpose Mountain Josh Barnes

“I know that when I work with Tim, I will get unwavering support, genuine connection, and that I can count on him to be honest and tell me the truth even when it is hard for me to hear.  We need real mentors that call us out, hold us accountable and inspire us to a higher way of being.  Tim is that kind of guy. We need examples of what is possible and affirmation that our dreams are achievable. Tim is one of those examples, not because he is trying to be, but because that is who he is.  I offer my highest possible recommendation of Tim’s character, commitment and capacity to help others.”

Joshua A. Barnes, J.D., Therapist


Purpose Mountain Jon Young

“For over 20 years, I have had the honor to witness Tim Corcoran’s journey to a path of deep leadership and authentic, nature-based mentoring. I have felt his commitment to service, to learning, experiencing directly and gaining the power that comes from a journey of deep connection to nature, himself and people. He has truly followed the heart-trail of deep initiation and has always showed with courage, vulnerability and humility. If you’re looking for purpose, for your vision, for your meaningful path, Tim is going to get you there through the mentoring journey of connection to yourself, your calling, the people in your life and the power of nature within and around all of us.

Jon Young, Founder, 8 Shields Institute

Jonathan Gustin Purpose Mountain

“Tim Corcoran is a long time apprentice to both wild nature and the wild human heart. He guides with sincerity, sensitivity and passion.”

Jonathan Gustin
Founder, Purpose Guides Institute

Purpose Mountain Owen Marcus

“Tim brings a unique set of skills to guide others. I don’t know any other man who is as rooted in the power nature brings and the depth available in our human existence. Tim’s commitment and skills in the leadership and personal development realm continue to catalyze deep change for others.  We live in a world of disconnection from ourselves, others, nature, and purpose. Tim has the skills to help you reconnect on all those levels. If you want to bring all you have to your life – work with Tim.

Owen Marcus, co-Founder, EVRYMAN
Author, Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence

Purpose Mountain Mark Morey

“Tim Corcoran has developed himself as a masterful guide through both the inner and outer landscape. If you are seeking your higher purpose or looking to release patterns of fear and resistance, I highly recommend Tim. ​He is a passionate inner tracker and will travel with you to the unknown and back. His time in nature has honed his fearlessness and joy for life. You couldn’t find a better guide.

Mark Morey
Founder, A Connected Leader and Institute for Natural Learning

Purpose Mountain Tony Ten Fingers

“Tim Corcoran understands progress as it unfolds in nature and in spirit. Today, the countless time and energy invested in mentoring others brings him to a mountain top called purpose. The role of purpose is to bring you to a perspective filled with Wisdom. When one clearly sees purpose as a companion rather than a goal to continually strive for, they become gifted as guides. You trust these guides wholeheartedly. As long as I have been honored to know him, I trust Tim wholeheartedly. His work will bring you to another level.

Tony Ten Fingers, Wanbli Nata’u, Oglala Lakota
Author, Lakota Wisdom